Salt Lake City Doctors Open MDVIP-Affiliated Primary Care Practices

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MDVIP, the national leader in affordable personalized healthcare, announced today that two Salt Lake City internists, Stephen S. Aslami, M.D., and Margaret S. Lunt, M.D., have opened new MDVIP-affiliated primary care practices. Drs. Aslami and Lunt are both board certified in Internal Medicine and are associated with St. Mark’s Hospital and Intermountain Medical Center. They join Kate Wilson, M.D., who opened her affiliated practice at the same location in 2011, as well as four other MDVIP affiliates across Salt Lake and Summit counties, to deliver a better healthcare experience with an emphasis on health prevention, not just the treatment of illness. Stephen S. Aslami, M.D., an internist in Salt Lake City, Utah, joins the MDVIP network to deliver personalized primary care. "I believe the foundation of good healthcare is a strong doctor-patient relationship," said Dr. Aslami. "Joining MDVIP allows me to spend…


6 months later: Operation Rio Grande helping change lives, leaders say

SALT LAKE CITY — Six months ago, Rich Deprez wasn’t homeless or staying at the downtown homeless shelter — but he said he would regularly go to the Rio Grande neighborhood in search of heroin. Deprez, 36, nervously paused before telling his story at a news conference Monday, alongside state leaders Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, House Speaker Greg Hughes, Senate President Wayne Niederhauser and others. "I’m sorry, this is nerve-wracking," he said. Cox put his hand on Deprez’s shoulder before he continued. Deprez said he came to Utah from Florida to work as a carpenter on the Provo City Center Temple and give his family — his wife and five daughters — a better life. But Deprez, who called himself a "recovering addict," said he "relapsed" one night when he had "one too many drinks" while watching the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor boxing match at a downtown bar…


Commentary: Salt Lake City needs to support and protect walkability

Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune Person with vibram boots treads carefully along the icy sidewalk through Hidden Hollow Natural Area Friday Dec. 30. The snow has apparently not been removed since the major storm nearly a week ago making walking dangerous. When it snows, Salt Lake City Code 14.20.070 requires that you: Clear snow and ice from City sidewalks adjacent to your property within twenty-four (24) hours after the end of the storm. Make a minimum 42-inch wide path, or if the sidewalk is less than 42 inches wide, clear the full width. Clear the full length of the sidewalk, including from corners and curb ramps. Ice must be removed to bare pavement, or made as level as possible and treated with ice melt, sand or similar material. Do not move snow into the street or onto other sidewalks. Over the last few years, Salt Lake City has…


How The Salt Lake City Real Estate Market Has Changed

The Salt Lake City real estate market has gone through many changes over the last decade. If you’re thinking about buying or selling property in this area, you should take a closer look at the market and the transitions that it has gone through. The Value Of Homes Is Going Up The value of many Salt Lake City homes decreased during the real estate crash. Now, however, the market is in recovery. Many Salt Lake City homes have been increasing in value. If you are currently buying, you may struggle to find a home in your price range. However, you can expect that the value of the home you buy will increase. This is also a great time to sell a Salt Lake City home. New Properties Are Being Built Even though there are a lot of older homes in Salt Lake City, new homes are being built all the…

Salt Lake City

Want To Travel To Salt Lake City

Paying a bunch of money to go to Salt Lake City isn’t something you should have to put up with. It’s better to find good airfare prices or to take a bus there for a good price. As long as you make sure you’re weighing your options, paying too much will be out of the question. Airlines are the first thing you may want to look at if you have a little money to spend. They tend to have different places you can fly with that charge different prices. The cheaper ones, of course, don’t have as much in the way of services they offer when you fly. For instance, one type of flight may not give you any food at all while another has a menu and drinks you can have. Seek out reviews on the different places you can fly with to see what suits you and what…

Salt Lake City

Top Things To See In Salt Lake City

As you likely already know, Salt Lake City was founded by people fleeing angry mobs and oppression due to their religious faith. They are known as Mormons, and follow The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, and were subjected to discrimination and other problems within their communities. They founded their community which eventually grew to become what is now known as Salt Lake City. Due to this historical aspect there is a lot centered around their faith to see and do, but it certainly is not limited to that. The city is very diverse and encompasses cultures from all over the country and world. If you are visiting for pleasure or business and have some free time you will find some great places to see in the list below. The most common attraction is the Temple Square, which is owned by the Mormon Church. Here you can find…

Pool In Salt Lake

Tips To Maintain Your Pool In Salt Lake City

Maintain a swimming pool in Salt Lake City is somewhat of science. Living in such a great place, why shouldn’t it be? Many people underestimate the amount of work and thinking it takes to keep the water clean. They usually accept that if you throw in a few chemicals, take out the leaves and clean the pool filter you’re done. Yes you can do this, but you will not be happy with the state of your pool. It shouldn’t be an all day job, and herein lies the truth that less is more. If you don’t know what you are doing then you might as well quit your employment and sleep next to the pool. Here is a rough guide on how to maintain a swimming pool. The first step is getting the correct type of chlorine. There are many products available, from tablets to granular, all of them with…

Iconic Foods

Iconic Foods to Try in Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah has unique dishes, some are very traditional, dating back to the pioneers, farmers and American Indians of history and others are their culinary anomalies that thanks to the need to feed large families, most of the time on a budget, have developed over time and stuck around. Here are a few of the most famous signature foods and utensils from Utah: 1. Utah Scones These treats take on the Mexican sopapilla in a massive way; they are huge, many times the size of an actual dinner plate. These deep fried dough delights are slathered in honey and could never be confused with the more dainty English scones traditionally served with tea. 2. Pastrami Burgers Placing mounds of pastrami which is thinly sliced over a charbroiled cheeseburger is completely acceptable. In the 1980s, this meaty delight first appeared at the Crown Burgers restaurants as their signature offering….