Iconic Foods

Iconic Foods to Try in Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah has unique dishes, some are very traditional, dating back to the pioneers, farmers and American Indians of history and others are their culinary anomalies that thanks to the need to feed large families, most of the time on a budget, have developed over time and stuck around. Here are a few of the most famous signature foods and utensils from Utah:

1. Utah Scones

These treats take on the Mexican sopapilla in a massive way; they are huge, many times the size of an actual dinner plate. These deep fried dough delights are slathered in honey and could never be confused with the more dainty English scones traditionally served with tea.

2. Pastrami Burgers

Placing mounds of pastrami which is thinly sliced over a charbroiled cheeseburger is completely acceptable. In the 1980s, this meaty delight first appeared at the Crown Burgers restaurants as their signature offering. From then on, other fast food outlets dedicated to American-Greek cuisine have made it one of their menu staples. This one of a kind burger has even made it to the coasts, as in 2009, the pastrami burger was the regional food featured in the New York Times.

3. Dutch Oven Fare

The favorite cooking utensil of the Mormon pioneers was the cast-iron pot. Today this state hosts the Dutch-Oven Cook-off World Championships and is home to the International Dutch Oven Society. The official state cooking pot is the Dutch oven and there are more Dutch ovens owned in the state of Utah than the rest of the country combined.

4. Funeral Potatoes

Made with potatoes, cheese, canned soup and a crushed cornflake topping, this is a popular baked casserole. At many family gatherings, this casserole is a mainstay that got its name because many Mormon women would make large pans of it regularly to serve after a funeral to the families who are grieving.

5. Fry Sauce

This pink concoction was created in the 1950s by the founder of Arctic Circle restaurants as an alternative dipping sauce especially for French fries. From then on, a different version has been created by most restaurants using ketchup, pickle relish, mayonnaise and spices. Although popular in Utah, outside the state it remains mostly a mystery.

These are just five of the many unique and delicious dishes that you can try while in Salt Lake City, Utah. Just ask the locals and they will point you in the right direction.