Salt Lake City

Top Things To See In Salt Lake City

As you likely already know, Salt Lake City was founded by people fleeing angry mobs and oppression due to their religious faith. They are known as Mormons, and follow The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, and were subjected to discrimination and other problems within their communities. They founded their community which eventually grew to become what is now known as Salt Lake City.

Due to this historical aspect there is a lot centered around their faith to see and do, but it certainly is not limited to that. The city is very diverse and encompasses cultures from all over the country and world. If you are visiting for pleasure or business and have some free time you will find some great places to see in the list below.

The most common attraction is the Temple Square, which is owned by the Mormon Church. Here you can find a visitors center, historical accounts and even guided tours. The outdoors are as well kept as the building with beautiful landscaping and lighting that is sure to amaze.

If you or your family enjoy learning about animals then Hogle Zoo is a great option for spending a few hours or the entire day. The zoo is 42 acres and boasts housing hundreds of animals for viewing and some even can be pet. There is also a train and a carousel in case you need some time off of your feet or just want to have some fun and explore.

If you enjoy learning about the history and cultures of various parts of the country you definitely should visit the Natural History Museum of Utah. It is a modern building with technology that helps to convey the history of the native peoples of the region. It also highlights the earth science surrounding the area, giving a detailed understanding of the changes that have happened in the area over time.

Finally, if you have the time you should visit the Clark Planetarium. There are laser shows, star gazing events and more. This location is truly state of the art and worth the time to see what it is all about.

Salt Lake City is more than just a Mormon town. There is a great deal there to see and do. If you will be in the area be sure to get out to see what this city has to offer.